Customized Arch Supports in Quincy MA

Our feet are the foundation of our body. When our feet have inadequate arch support, this deficiency over time contributes to an imbalance of our pelvis and affects our overall spinal balance. This lack of adequate arch support can lead to pain and inflammation in our feet (Plantar fasciitis), knee pain, and lower back dysfunction and pain. Learn more from our Quincy MA chiropractor.

How is back pain caused by our feet?

Patients, until they are educated, often are not aware that the cause of their back pain could be connected to their feet. As humans, as weight-bearing creatures, we stand and walk.

When walking and standing, the weight of our body is transferred from our feet up through our legs to our spine and brain; the kinetic chain. Some people are born without adequate arch support in their feet, but most people as they age become flat-footed as their arches collapse.

By correcting inadequate arch support with our feet, this change will help provide a more balanced stable foundation not only for our feet and knees but our overall spine.

Treatment in Quincy MA

Here at Clark Chiropractic Inc, we will do a 3D foot scan as part of the analysis of our patient’s foot function and connect the results to what is occurring with their overall body alignment. Our patients are educated regarding adequate footwear. If our overall foot analysis shows that our patients have some degree of flat feet we will educate them regarding the differences of over the counter arch supports and customized orthotic insoles which support all three arches of our feet.

Wearing better footwear and if necessary customized arch supports help the spinal adjustments hold better and improve one’s gait. When customized arch supports are needed Clark Chiropractic Inc. works with the company, Foot Levelers, for this individually designed product.


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